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What was to have been a joyous wedding ceremony at the Lodge in Cloudcroft turned into murder among relatives. It appears that both sides of the wedding party, the de Hermans and the Sandovals, have long-lost relatives that live far back in the hills of Kentucky. A long-standing family feud between the de Herman and Sandoval clans made its way to the Sacramento Mountains in New Mexico.

Clyde de Herman, the leader of the clan, had received an anonymous letter from someone in Albuquerque alerting him to the wedding and giving him the date and time of the nuptials. Clyde immediately assembled the clan and made plans to be at the wedding.

The Kentucky de Hermans are steadfast in their determination in stopping the wedding because they do not want any relative of theirs to marry into a family with whom they have been feuding with for over 100 years. The Kentucky de Hermans arrived at the
Lodge on Thursday afternoon and immediately made plans to disrupt the wedding, hoping to convince Victoria that Cameron Sandoval is not the man for her.

None of the Kentucky de Hermans knows anything about the other relatives in the extended de Herman family tree. They have kept to themselves except for an occasional foray into the Sandoval territory to stir up trouble.

On the other side of creek in Stiffsock County, Kentucky lives the Sandoval clan. They too heard, through the grapevine, about the wedding and were greatly peeved that they had not been invited to the big doings in Cloudcroft. The leader of the clan, Jedadiah Sandoval vowed to make sure that his long lost kin, Cameron Sandoval, knew exactly what he was getting into by marrying beneath his station-in-life by joining a family like
the de Hermans.

Jedadiah Sandoval gathered his clan together and they all made the long trek to Cloudcroft.

Both clans arrived during the afternoon of Thursday, October 30, 2003. As soon as they arrived, the fur started to fly. What began as a shouting matched soon turned into a melee involving pushing, shoving and the shouting of belligerent threats.

Little noticed during all this commotion was the presence of Mr. Will Tellallit, a free-lance reporter who was under assignment with K-BUNK television station. Mr. Tellallit also worked for the Mountain Monthly covering local events that might have reader interest.

His forte in the news business was uncovering the sordid details of scandals, rumors, and the nefarious secrets in the lives of prominent individuals.  He had been working on a story about the big wedding and the unplanned arrival of the Kentucky de Herman and Sandoval clans.

Seeing the opportunity to make a grandstand play in front of the entire assembled wedding party and clans, Mr. Will Tellallit shouted that he had "the goods" on Victoria's and Cameron's families and their so-called long lost relatives and would tell the world about the "secret" at the appropriate time during the wedding ceremony. Will vowed that the wedding would not continue once he revealed his information.

Will Tellallit's startling announcement caused an immediate uproar among all the clan members and forced Will to run back to his room to get away from the fray.

After order was restored by the Lodge security staff, all the clan members retreated to their rooms.

Later that evening, various family members frequented the Lodge bar and the local Cloudcroft watering hole, the Western Bar.

At approximately 12:30 a.m. on Friday morning, a shot rang out. This caused the on-duty security guard, Buzz Eoff, to rush out to the back of the Lodge. He searched to grounds and found nothing out of order. Later while making his rounds inside the Lodge, he heard a moaning sound coming out of Will Tellallit's room. Using his passkey. Buzz entered Will's room and found him sprawled on the floor, bleeding and clutching his chest. When Buzz rushed to his side, he uttered his last breath and died.

Buzz immediately notified the front desk and had the night clerk call for an ambulance and the police. About five minutes later Officer Otto Buttkick arrived, cleared the crime scene and secured the room pending further investigation.

A preliminary search of the room revealed a bullet hole in the window facing the Lodge courtyard.

A statement from Officer Buttkick stated that all members of the wedding party and the two clans were to consider themselves as suspects in the murder of Will Tellallit.

The investigation continues.




"The de Herman Clan"

Clyde de Herman - Gary Wood
LulaBelle de Herman - Patricia Drake
Bubba de Herman - Rich Penner
Clemmy de Herman - Bethani Sellers
Aunt Sissy de Herman - Sandy Lawrence
Uncle Pudgy de Herman - Mark Swalley
Opheliz de Herman - Shannon Flood
Jed Knutwynder - Kris Creed

"The Sandoval Clan"

Jedahia Sandoval - Pat Rand
Sophie Sandoval - Gloria Wood
Bo Sandoval - Dave Venable
Burton "Big Belly" Sandoval - Robert Wright
Buford Lee Petty Sandoval - Larry Drake
Prudence "Pruddy" Sandoval - Trisha Taylor
Thalia Sandoval - Rebecca Sheriff
Pansy Mae Sandoval - Sheila Gordon

Local Cop-in-Charge    Officer Otto Buttkick - Tice Sheriff

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"What did you say do?"

"I am the leader."

 "This is our entire family."

"I am hugging you just this once."

"This is whose daughter?"

"Am I sitting with the right family?"

"What did you say?"


"I just know that I am prettier than she is.."

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