Cloudcroft, NM





Written/Directed by
Jan Wafful & Arlan Ponder

"Murder & Intrigue
Castle Veritas"


"The Truth Hurts, Don’t It, Sir Knight?"

November 6, 7, 8, 2009

"Costume Contest"

Something New!

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

All Lodge "Sleauths of the Realm!"

This is a "Themed" Murder Mystery! 

The "Best Guest Renassiance Costume" will be

Awarded at the Saturday Night Reception

Please Join the Fun and enter the Competition.


Cast of


King Roland Aglarond:  
King of the Rydden Wolde Realm. He resides in Castle Veritas with Queen Amandia and his son and heir, Prince Jonathan.

played by

Sir Lyonal Winterborne:
Loyal Knight and Royal Huntsman of the King.  A friend to all at court.

played by

Queen Amandia Aglarond:
(Mandi to the King)  New Queen of the realm.  She is young, gracious, bright, and will soon present the King with a new heir.

played by

Lady-in-Waiting Delphinia D’Lloris:
Maid servant brought to King Roland’s court by Queen Amandia from her father’s kingdom of Sothern Morr. 

played by

Prince Jonathan Aglarond:
Heir to the throne.  The only child of King Roland and his first wife, Queen Cassandra.

played by

SirIllthala Evonstar:
Nobleman and Knight of Sothern Morr.  A knight of King Edmond Acheron’s court, he is the Royal Emissary to the Rydden Wolde Realm.

played by

Lady Immylena Morgaine:
Noble lady of the court.  Wife of Sir Berbatov Morgaine, and a new friend to the Queen Amandia.

played by

Court Magistrate Lex Patria:
Royal Court Investigator and Magistrate of Castle Veritas. He is quite sharp and is well-versed in battle tactics and the laws of the Rydden Wolde Realm.

played by

Sir Berbatov Morgaine:
Nobleman and Knight Errant to King Roland. He is the Sworn Protector of the King’s Realm.

played by

Court Jester Arthur Arcane:
Brought to the court by the late Queen to keep her amused during King Roland’s many absences.

played by

Lady Aletheia Silithian:
Noble lady of the court and younger friend to the late Queen.   She is very ambitious for herself and her station.

played by

Court Mage Polgaria Shade:
Female wizard and prophetess to the king.  She is rumored to be of a mysterious age and royal lineage from far away.

played by

Court Physician and Healer Profira Egraine:
An educated woman healer and descendent of noble blood who ministers to the entire royal entourage. 

played by

The Dead Royal Court Players

Sir Geia-Sinestra Acheron:
Brother to the late Queen and Uncle to Prince Jonathan. He cast a dark influence on his nephew, the Prince.

Sir Winston Egraine: 
Husband to Physician Profira Egraine. It is rumored that they have been a little unhappily married for the last few years.


Murder & Intrigue at Castle Veritas


"The Truth Hurts, Don’t It, Sir Knight?"

Royal Synopsis 

Through a special rift in time, the Royal Court of the Castle Veritas in the Rydden Wolde Realm of King Roland Aglarond, has arrived for an investigation at The Lodge. The Royal Magistrate, Lex Patria, is investigating the unexpected murders of two knights of the realm.  Members of the court are being interrogated as to their whereabouts at the time of the murders and their knowledge of and relationships to-- the deceased.   Court interactions and intrigues come to light, and even the king and the queen are not above suspicion of "Murder Most-Foul." 

Through a Special Proclamation of the King, you are now appointed as
"Sleuths of the Realm" and you are invited to don your own Renaissance clothing and enter the royal court and help the magistrate solve the mystery.


Instructions: Simple 
To Play


Participants need to read ALL the information - bios, police reports, autopsy reports, etc.


Playing requires three basic attributes - a sense of humor, an ability to strike up a conversation with a perfect stranger and the ability to solve a crime.


The killer is the only suspect who can lie.


Suspects can evade answering the questions or just plain avoid answering, if they so choose.


Suspects will reveal information throughout the event - so pay attention.


Roam around and ask ALL suspects questions, even if you think they are innocent.


Do not attempt to bribe suspects for information - they know less than you do.


Remember the most common motives for murder are: power, revenge, money, a hired hit, passion and drugs/alcohol. 


During dinner participants might want to sit with a suspect in order to gain more information and question them.


Take notes, ask questions pertaining to all the information in your packets - no matter if you think they’re inapplicable.


CLOC members will be wearing name tags which will identify them as the suspects.


Remember to HAVE FUN.

Ye Olde Caste of Characters: The Players

King Roland Aglarond - King of the Rydden Wolde- resides in Castle Veritas. Middle-aged. Experienced in battle. Just ruler of his people. Married to Queen Cassandra for many years. He fought in the Crusades. His queen perished last year in an unfortunate riding accident. Prince  Jonathan is their only child. Recently he has taken a new bride, daughter of ally and neighbor, King Edmond Celare,’ of Castle Clandestinus in Sotheron Morr. He has grown to love his new wife, she is truly good and kind-hearted to him, his court and their subjects.  

Queen Amandia Aglarond - (Mandi to the King) New queen of the realm. She is young, bright and gracious. She agreed to this marriage because of King Roland’s kind and just reputation. She was glad to escape the stern and oppressive rule of her father and the dark intrigues of his court. She has captivated the hearts of her king and the people of the Rydden Wolde. It is rumored that she is pregnant with a new heir, soon-to-be second in line to the throne.  

Prince Jonathan Aglarond - Heir to the throne. The only child of King Roland and Queen Cassandra. He is a skilled knight of the court, but he has his mother’s ambition and temperament and has been influenced by his mother’s darkling brother, Sir Geia-Sinestra Acheron, and Lady Aletheia Selithian. The narcissistic and self-obsessed Lady Aletheia has become his consort, while his uncle, Sir Geia-Sinestra, has whispered doubts and insecurities into his ear. 

Lady Immylena Morgaine - Noble lady of the court. Wife of Sir Berbatov Morgaine, she is a friend to the new queen and became her lady-in-waiting since Queen Amandia’s arrival to the court. Her husband is devoted to the king and his loyalty is considered beyond question. She loves her husband, but knows that within his heart lies a secret he is ashamed and loathe to tell. 

Sir Berbatov Morgaine - Nobleman & Knight Errant, Sworn Protector of the King’s Realm. He is loyal to the point of obsession. He is suspicious of everyone and their motives. His guilty secret----a one-time lapse of loyalty in his youth---23 years ago he was seduced by Queen Cassandra. Horrified by his own betrayal, he spurned the Queen, and sought the quiet beauty and soothing love he found in his hurried marriage to Lady Immylena. Queen Cassandra saw his remorse and kept the affair secret for reasons of her own. 

Lady Aletheia Silithian - Noble lady of the court. Younger friend to the late queen. She is far from charitable and kind. She is ambitious for herself and her station. She has always liked Prince Jonathan and despite their age difference, she has become his consort and advisor. She has always been a confidante and friend to the late queen’s dark and brooding brother, Sir Geia-Sinestra Acheron. She is rumored to have had affairs with many of the knights and noblemen in King Roland’s court.  

Court Jester Arthur Arcane - Brought to the court by Queen Cassandra to keep her amused during King Roland’s many absences, this jester is a seeming friend to all at the court. Despite a happy demeanor, he is a snoop and a gossip--always at the center of any jealousy and dispute. He loves to watch others squabble and mockingly impersonates royal subjects and visitors alike. He insists that his humor is innocent, but he rides a very fine line between truthfully funny and very offensive. So far, he has had the ability to extricate himself from any hint of wrong-doing. 

Court Mage Polgaria Shade - Female wizard and prophetess to the king. Rumored to be of a mysterious royal lineage from far away, she is a pillar of the court and has advised King Roland for many years. She is ageless and beautiful, yet no one knows the land of her origins or birth. She has foreseen the past troubles of the realm, and has advised King Roland wisely in all his endeavors. She can foresee the future of the members of the royal court in detail, but is determined to keep those visions to herself. She foresaw the infidelity of the young Sir Berbatov and the late queen long years ago, and knows many secrets.  

Court Physician and Healer Profira Egraine - A woman healer who ministers to the entire royal entourage.   She was the pupil of the old court physician who died, and now has been the court’s physician for a few years. She upholds her Hippocratic oath with reverance. She has married a handsome nobleman--the knight Sir Winston Egraine. She has nursed him back to health from many battles, unlucky contests and disputes. He is a skilled knight of the court, but alas, also a philanderer. She has tried to stop his transgressions, to no-avail. She has continued to serve all in silence and love Sir Winston desperately, turning a ‘blind eye’ to his dalliances. 

Sir Lyonal Winterborne - Loyal Knight & Royal Huntsman of the King. Sir Lyonal is a friend to all at court. He is just and kind, coming from a noble line. He is fond of the ladies, but shy and not much of a conversationalist. He is intelligent and feels his emotions deeply, but maintains a very quiet surface and simple face to all. He was instantly attractive to Delphinia, the lady-in-waiting and maid servant of Queen Amandia. It is rumored that they became lovers almost immediately when she and the new queen arrived in King Roland’s court. 

Lady-in-Waiting  Delphinia D’Lloris - Maid servant brought to King Roland’s court by Queen Amandia from Sothern Morr. Not only a maid servant, she is as close as any sister or confidante to the queen. She is fiercely loyal and protective, grateful to the queen for allowing her to accompany her and escape Sir Edmond’s grasp. She knew him to be unkind to some of his subjects and it seemed he looked on her with a wicked certainty that one day she would be his. She is acquainted with all the nobles of both courts. She unwillingly knows certain secrets of court. She immediately chose Sir Lyonal upon her arrival as her  love at first sight.

Sir Illthala Evonstar - Nobleman and Knight of Sothern Morr. A knight of King Edmond Acheron’s court, he is the Royal Emissary to the Rydden Wolde from Sothern Morr. It is rumored that like many of the knights in her father’s court, he was once in love with Queen Amandia. He has only lately taken up residency at Castle Veritas, and his mission to the court seems to be that of honored guest, a fixture of the alliance of the two realms. Although a bit mysterious with any details about himself, he is nonetheless entertaining, intelligent and accomplished. He has been introduced to the nobles and ladies of the court and is making his appearances at all the court functions. 

Court Magistrate Lex Patria - Royal Court Investigator and Magistrate of  astle Veritas. Usually his duties are simple. He investigates disputes among the subjects and puts those convicted of misdemeanor theft and public drunkenness into the stocks on public display for occasional transgressions. This realm has its normal troubles but most are settled amicably or by the king’s rule. When he is not busy with these usually light duties, he is a friend and an engaging riding companion to the King. He knows battle tactics as well as the law, and he and the King can debate battle strategies and points of law spiritedly for hours. He is quite sharp and for the safety of the king and queen and the members of their court, he is always concerned.

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